Hie Patient Portal

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Hie Patient Portal

Health Information Exchanges And Patient Portals In Behavioral


Because the HIE and patient portal are electronic, many patients have concerns over the security of their medical information. There have been a number of …

HIE Portal Updates Health Current

HIE Portal Updates

HIE Participants · Use of HIE Data · HIE Success Stories · Provider Education · Patient Rights Process Toolkit · HIE Portal Updates …

KHIN Creates HIE Patient Portal Accepts Patient Provided Data


The Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) is preparing to launch a first-of-its-kind HIE-based patient portal for all members of the …

Characteristics Of Patient Portals Developed In The Context Of NCBI


The HIE-sponsored portals are untethered, since they are not directly linked to an EHR. For two of the HIEs, data will be transferred to each patient’s PHR …

What Is HIE HealthIT Gov


Electronic health information exchange (HIE) allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers and patients to appropriately …

Interactive Patient Portal For Hospitals And HIEs Get Real Health

Hospitals and HIEs

A unified, EMR-agnostic patient portal solution to improve patient satisfaction while making it easier for HIE members to meet Meaningful Use requirements. Read …

Partners Health Information Exchange HIE EMIS


Key benefits. View the patient’s consolidated care record as a click-through from EMIS Web. View a rich vein of patient data, including clinical information …

Electronic Health Information Exchange HIE


This user guide tells you how you can login to our MyWDconnect Patient Portal. After filling out the guide, you will receive a validation key code and a …

HIE Physician And Patient Portals Lyniate

HIE Physician and Patient Portals

These physicians will have the ability to access their regional HIE’s physician portal to view a specific patient’s treatment history, …

Health Information Exchange HIE Cerner


Our Health Information Exchange (HIE) is enabling care professionals to exchange and view patient data. Learn more!