Geha Medical Provider Portal

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Geha Medical Provider Portal

Account Creation GEHA

All fields marked with an “*” are required to complete this form. Provider. Account Information. Federal Tax Id* …

Companion Guides For Providers GEHA

… below to help our physicians and providers implement HIPAA-compliant EDI transactions. … 270/271: Health care eligibility benefit inquiry and response …

Find Care GEHA

GEHA offers a wide selection of medical and dental plans. To direct you to the right list of providers, please select a plan from below. Medical Plans.


One of the largest provider networks available to federal employees. … $1,000 in rewards — and a new plan perk for Elevate and Elevate Plus medical plans.

Provider Sign In GEHA

GEHA web users can start the process of signing in to their secure member or provider accounts here.

Provider Network Overview GEHA

Our fee-for-service plan offers services through a PPO. This means that we designate certain hospitals and other health care providers as “preferred providers.” …

Log In Or Create A New Account GEHA

To create your account, click the button below to access our secure member portal, where you will create your user name, security questions and password.

Good News For GEHA Dental Members

GEHA now has one location for you to access insurance information and find medical and dental providers in your area.

Provider Resources GEHA

GEHA’s coverage policies apply to HDHP, Standard and High medical plan members. Contact UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus at 877.585. … Our Benefits Advisers are …

Provider Search GEHA

Use this tool to find doctors, hospitals and other providers in the GEHA network.